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Hi. My name is daimira, but I also go around as Meissa, Judith (well, this is actually my real first name -- half of it, anyway), and occasionally Tarahn. I've been called many other names (including "that bean-sized idiot") but if you Google the name "daimira," I'm what you get. Besides -- oddly enough -- the Daihatsu Mira. (But I outrank it, so HAH!) I'm a chemist with way too much free time and way too much exposure to what would otherwise be illegal substances. Which might explain the apparent insanity. I'm currently on leave from my post-graduate degree (also in chemistry) while I meditate about the mysteries of life fangirl over tennis, japanese idols, asian dramas, and music.

I have been an active member of the online community (that is, my sites have been polluting the web) for nine years running although I am on indefinite hiatus regarding website-making, and I have been lurking longer than that.

I love books, music, and small children with ketchup my reflection in the mirror! I adore animals (stuffed or living) and plan to some day save the world. Or wipe out humanity, it really depends on how good my math is. When I am not busy with the above, I can be found in my secret lair, cackling insanely or polishing spoons (so I can see my reflection in them, of course).

You can friend me if you like, and I may or not friend you back. Sometimes I don't notice, which would explain the latter. Sometimes, I just don't like you.


Kidding. ( Mostly, I'm just too lazy to click Manage > Edit Friends. :D ) Also, I travel around the world quite a bit on very little notice, so I tend to disappear without warning quite often.

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