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I've been itching to write this story for weeks now. I've tweeted about it a couple of times, made a playlist, have an outline. But for some reason, the words won't come out the way I want them to. So I'm shelving it for the moment and hauling it out again for NanoWriMo, when hopefully I get my mojo back. If I had any mojo to begin with.

Those on Twitter might have seen me complaining about one of my big writing "problems" recently, and are probably sick of hearing it, but I am just really frustrated by how I seem to have gotten stuck in a sort of comic mentality. Granted, my angst and drama have always been lightened by sarcasm, but this time it's just really awful. I don't even know how to describe things anymore. I just spit out dumb dialogue that's probably funny only to myself and then keep on going. I don't even READ funny books or WATCH funny shows so I don't know what's influencing me this time. (I'm currently avoiding Terry Pratchett because there was a time I started thinking with footnotes.)

This shouldn't be a big deal (and really, it isn't), but I just need to complain because solutions/changes always happen or appear when I do, haha. And I really need to write the story some day because the imagery won't get out of my head. It would be fine if it were pleasant imagery, but... everything's on fire! And fire scares me, so I would really rather it goes away.


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